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Is there a special song of mine you've always wanted to hear AND see me perform live? Or even better, what about a private and intimate live performance by me of that special song JUST FOR YOU?
Your wishes have come true! For the next 8 weeks ONLY, I'll be all set up and ready to perform at any moment on my brand new beautiful candle-lit stage...inside my very own private home VENUE!
That's right, I hand built an actual little "club" INSIDE my home, JUST so I can perform for you whatever you want, whenever you want! 
I'm just waiting for YOU TO CHOOSE the song YOU want to hear!

How Does It Work?
The song can from ANY album, single, or EP that I've ever released! You can even choose from the HUGE collection of songs I've posted on Patreon.com!
Not one of my Patrons yet? Sign up now! (www.patreon.com/AlexBand)
Once you've chosen your song, you'll be able to watch me perform it for you live at a pre-scheduled time and day via Zoom (or Crowdcast)! I will also be professionally recording the audio and video of the performance while you watch! So afterwards I'll be able to send it to you via email and you can keep your very special private performance forever!
I can't wait to play for you soon!

Additional Info:
- You will receive an email to begin the planning of your private performance within 24 hours of making your purchase.
- Please be aware that the exact time and day you want your private performance MAY not be available. We will do our BEST to accommodate your wishes!
- Alex has the right to refuse to perform the song you chose for any reason, so please have at least 2 song options for Alex to choose from.   
- Alex has the right to refuse the sale of this item to any individual. We will issue a full refund in that case.
- Have important questions? Need more details? Please email us at info.alexbandstore@gmail.com BEFORE purchasing!

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