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Hello Hello! This is Alex Band from the band The Calling calling! ;)

Ask me anything you want! We can even video chat too!

I'm looking forward to talking to you soon :)

How Does It Work?

You get exactly 10 minutes to either talk to Alex Band on the phone or have a one way or two way video call. It's totally up to you! Alex can call you via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom. 

This is a VERY rare opportunity to have that private conversation you've always wanted with Alex himself! It's just YOU and him, so what will you say?! Or what will you ask to see? Remember to BEHAVE ;) And make every minute count, cause when your 10 minutes are up, the call will automatically end.

* (You can also purchase this item for someone else as a gift! Read below for more info)

Additional Info: 

-Within 24 hours of making your purchase you will be contacted via email to schedule your special call or video call with Alex. 

-If this purchase is intended as a *GIFT, simply explain so in your response to the initial scheduling email you will receive and we will help to make sure your gift is given in the exact way you would like

-Your call is guaranteed to take place within a 4 week period from the time you place your order. However you can schedule your call to happen as far out as 6 weeks from the time you place your order. 

-Please be aware that not just any time of the day will be available to schedule your call as Alex is located in the PST zone and can't speak with you between the PST "sleeping" hours of 00:00-09:00.

-We will do our VERY best to accommodate the time and date of your choice, but we please ask that you remain somewhat flexible as Alex's schedule may not work perfectly with yours. 

-Once you receive confirmation that your call time has been "set in stone", it is GUARANTEED to happen at that time.

-HOWEVER, please keep in mind no one is perfect and emergency situations CAN happen which may force either you or Alex to have to change your confirmed time. So to be fair, both you and Alex each have 1 free "Emergency Call Time Change" that can be used no later than 10 minutes before your call is scheduled to happen. 

-If you fail to answer your call or are unreachable at your confirmed time, and you haven't given notice via email at least 10 minutes before using your 1 "Emergency Call Time Change", then your purchase will be forfeited and your call will be canceled indefinitely. 

-You are welcome to have a small group of friends and/or family in your immediate presence to watch and/or participate in the call. 

-However you may NOT connect/add ANY additional outside people via any means of conferencing/adding callers/contacts/etc. before or during the call. Any persons caught doing so by Alex or the call Moderator will have their call terminated immediately and will not be entitled to a refunded. 

-Alex reserves the right to refuse calling any certain individual at any time; in which case your full purchase price will be returned to you. Alex reserves this right at any moment in time, including before and during your conversation. 

-If Alex finds anything during your call to be excessively offensive or if you act in a way that is considered indecent, your call will be immediately terminated and only 50% of the $100 purchase  price will be refunded to you. 

-Your call is 100% private and only Alex and yourself are able to hear/see the call. However an individual will be monitoring the call's connection to make sure the call does not exceed 10 minutes in length and to reconnect both parties if the call happens to get disconnected(signal dropped) during the 10 minute period.  If the call does get disconnected, the 10 minute timer will pause and you will be called back immediately to be reconnected with Alex and the timer will be unpaused. If you cannot be reached once disconnected after 3 consecutive attempts, the rest of the call with be forfeited. However, we will do our absolute best to accommodate these sorts of possible issues and the best and most amicable way of correcting them.

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